What is More Valuable than a Family?

A country cannot exist without its people. Then, what is the most basic unit of society? It is a family. The role of a family is like a role of one person in the society. They contribute and ensure the future of, ultimately, our world. Then what is more important than a family? Looking into the modern family, we can come to the sensitive but relevant topic of the Internet. As globalization has spread even to the third world countries, the internet has almost been made accessible everywhere.

On that note, there are pros and cons. Internet is a convenient tool for our generation where the world is literally just one click away; however, in the same way, so is danger. Security has always been a problem when it came to this over developing tool. Hackers abound snooping around people’s private information, websites and phony software just popping around waiting for unknowing users to click on them, and recently phishing scams on social media baiting on innocent ones among others.

With all these going on, companies who, of course, are composed of families of their own have started to fear for themselves and their children falling into prey to such things. The solution: prevention is better than cure. Firewalls and security software have now popped up promising the safety of their families through numerous features. Others are updated frequently to ensure up to date protection from also upgrading cyber problems. All in all, each family’s cyber lifestyle is different, so it would be better to search from the sea of software available.