The United Nations Security Council (The International Law)

How much do you know about the International law or about the United Nations? This organization has existed for decades and it is known for carrying out a mission on helping people worldwide wherever the need arises. Their existence has given many people hope for the future. If they will give an account of their achievement they can give a long list to you. They deserve to receive respect for what they have achieved so far. This is only in the point of view of others and not the whole world.

Given the amount of time that they existed and the amount of resources they have ammassed for the foundation to carry out its volunteer services, many are skeptical if you can rate their performance with 100 percent score. Many questions if UN really use the funds where they should be and what they have achieve to curve the level of poverty. Despite this, the organization have carried on different branches of its organization to cover certain aspects of what is needed to be given attention to.

Now, about the international law that the united nations security council impose you can know about it in the video. The organization is composed of ffive seats that have the power to veto any law that they do not agree. You can discover this at the video above as they discussed it in simple and short way.