Military Vehicle and Jet Plane for War

Air forces around the world are now preparing themselves for the upcoming war. Military vehicles and planes j=have already been prepared by nations around the world. If Russia, Japan, China, North Korea will take an action against the United States and Vice Versa, what do you expect to happen? Donald Trump is threatening Syria now. It is not impossible that if Donald Trump will attack Syria, the WWIII will begin. It is already seen in history how these nations are involved in the WWII.

In the same way, they are going to repeat what has been done in the past. History is going to repeat itself? If that day arrives, how would be the state of the world? Everybody will be suffering in hunger, pain, sorrow and even death! How dreadful is that day? Many are now preparing themselves for that day by building refugees underground. Of course all want to escape from that day’s threat. However, it seems like there is no place to escape even underground.

It is because there are many scientific predictions about volcanic eruptions at the same time the war will break out. Then where is the safe place? How can mankind know about this? If the world will end, who can escape? Anyway all mankind will die, that is according to human point of view because they have no idea how to escape. The prophecies of the Bible and the predictions of science and astronomy are the same. Science cannot say where to escape but the Bible says–ZION.