Danger and Safety

The world is being threatened by wars, famines, drought, hostage, killers, criminals and the worst–DEATH! No one can escape death and no one can see when they leave their life on this earth. This is the most tragic moment in our life. We can not say that death should not come to us because we all know that we die.

However, while breathing, we still hope that we are living safely and healthy. We know that we cannot avoid those coming to us but as long as it is possible, we try to make effort to save our life and live it ’till the end extending our life one day more or one year more.

For those people whose life is in danger due to their jobs, they make effort to keep themselves in safety because they have to raise their family and look after them. Then how do we have to protect our family?

We must give them the proper way to escape from danger like burning house, criminal stalking. You can buy a car for them. Car is very essential for your family as a means of escape.

At home, in order to catch  criminals, you can install CCTV. Sometimes, CCTV always keep the family from discomfort and fear of being attacked by any criminal.

You can also use weapons like gun in order to threaten violent people who are full of evil intention. In the Arabic Nations, non-Christians are always trembling in fear because of the violence and treatment that they receive from Muslim people. The news says that there are many people being killed, they must also stand for their life.